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Hi I am Gordon Ryall, Chair of Captioning Committee with Durham Deaf Accessibility Committee. The focus of this committee is to encourage all municipalities in Durham Region to have their televised Council meetings through Rogers cable captioned. This also includes videos on any municipal products including videos on Internet.

We have asked City of Oshawa to include caption on their televised Council meetings but the City has responded by saying they cannot provide captioning due to “third party” clause that they can provide the service and Rogers claimed that they do not have the resources.

We were disappointed but we will continue to lobby. Other municipalities have not provided any plans at this time.

Durham Deaf Accessibility Committee is developing a position paper asking that all televised Council meetings and all video media products including those on Internet be captioned by August 2014. We want all municipalities to follow a reasonable accessibility standard related to video materials. I will continue to update you on captioning in the Durham Region.  








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